20 Words that Send Cold Email to Spam

The Mint Leads Team

Writing email copy has turned into a fine art. While there is no exact route to getting the results your business bank account is craving, there are some firm DON’T-DOs that you need to avoid in your cold email outreach...

A big one of these is to avoid words that trigger your email to land in the SPAM folder of the recipient.

Email providers will flag copy that includes phrases that appear to overpromise a positive outcome with a goal of retrieving sensitive information from the recipient. While you definitely need to be clear on the value you will offer the recipient in your cold email outreach, you need to do it in a way that is genuine and not gimmicky. If it sounds too good to be true, the smart email providers will probably pick it up as desperation aka possible fraud.

So which phrases may ruin the future of your email? There are hundreds, but here are 20 examples that should give you an understanding of what to avoid:

  1. One hundred percent guaranteed
  2. Act now
  3. Now only
  4. Once in a lifetime
  5. Free gift
  6. Unlimited
  7. Join millions
  8. No strings attached
  9. Big bucks
  10. No fees
  11. Pure profit
  12. Money
  13. Additional Income
  14. 100%
  15. Take action
  16. Offer expires
  17. Do it today
  18. Apply now
  19. This won’t last
  20. Will not believe your eyes

Chances are you wouldn’t use these phrases if you were in a meeting with a potential client, so keep it real, speak to them like you would in real life. And remember, don’t over-promise, but do show value.

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